How to download and install UT4

See the troubleshooting section at the bottom for addressing game startup errors related to CorsairRGB and INPUT1_3.dll / DirectX

Step 1: Download game files

a. Download

Step 2: Install the game

a. Unzip

b. Place unzipped contents in your desired install location

  • Common path: "C:\Program Files\UnrealTournament"
Step 3: Bypass Epic Games Launcher

You have two options here to bypass the Epic Games Launcher (a OR b, don't do both):

a. Install UT4UU (Unofficial Patch) - v10.1.6   *recommended

b. Create a UT4.exe shortcut and add target parameters to it

  • Navigate to "C:\Program Files\UnrealTournament\Engine\Binaries\Win64\"
  • Right-click "UE4-Win64-Shipping.exe" and click Send to -> Desktop (create shortcut)
  • Go to your desktop, find your shortcut, and Right-click -> Properties
  • Add the following to the end of the "Target:" line:
    UnrealTournament -epicapp=UnrealTournamentDev -epicenv=Prod -EpicPortal
  • The entire target line should look like:
    "C:\Program Files\UnrealTournament\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4-Win64-Shipping.exe" UnrealTournament -epicapp=UnrealTournamentDev -epicenv=Prod -EpicPortal
Step 4: Connect to new master server (for online play)

You must connect to the new master server to enable online play

Follow the instructions here:

How to connect to new master server


If you are working with a fresh windows installation, or haven't previously installed Epic Games Launcher, you may need to install a couple runtime dependencies for UT4 to work.

Error 1:
Error message about missing files related to DirectX when trying to start UT4.
On my fresh Win10 install, the error message complained about missing "XINPUT1_3.dll" when trying to start UT4

Install Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime - (link here)

Error 2:
Error message related to "CorsairRGB" when trying to start UT4.

Install Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 - (link here)