On January 24th, 2023, Epic shut down their master server and removed access to Unreal Tournament (pre-alpha), aka UT4.
Through community efforts, a new master server was created to keep the game alive.
Check out the links below for instructions on installing the game and connecting to the new master server.

Game Setup Links
How to download and install UT4

Get the game running without Epic Games Launcher

See the troubleshooting section inside for addressing game startup errors related to CorsairRGB and INPUT1_3.dll / DirectX

How to connect to new master server

Modify your existing UT4 game installation to connect to the new master server

Other Links
UT4UU (Unofficial Patch)

Game patch to include extra features, such as a faster game load time.

3D Spatial Audio (OpenAL)

An alternative audio module with improvements over stock UT4 audio.

Mainly oriented towards headphone users offering a better 3D spatial audio experience.